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Disneyland is coming back

It's been over a year since many have stepped through the gates at Disneyland. I myslef had planned a trip down for the weekend they decided to close the gates!! Needless to say I didn't make it down so for me it will be what feels like forever since I've walked down Main Street USA. But just a few weeks ago we as travel agents and Californias got the greatest news EVER - Disneyland will begin it's phased reopening on April the 30!

Now of course our state has taken the longest to reopen in all this Covid stuff and heck we still aren't fully open (sad I know) But hey we finally have our theme parks back (at limited capacity) but it's something. Of course there are going to be some strick guide lines in place and the dos and donts - but we have been dealing with Covid for over a year now I would hope most people would know the rules??

As of right now the park will only be open to California resident's. You also must make a reservation to visit the park (much like when you vivit WDW) and thing's like FASTPASS, Maxpass, Magic Hour (when the resort reopens) will not be availavle right now. Be sure to read the information below so you know exactly what's going on and what to expect!

If you are from the state of California and would like to book a trip and need some advise please feel free to reach out! Or if you would like to plan a trip to Walt Disney World I would love to help plan that for you as well!!

Windy D




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