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The Disney Wish

Every Disney fan dreams of going on a Disney Cruise at some point (I know I have!) but the question is which Disney ship!!?? Well, earlier this year (2021) Disney announced the Disney Wish would be launched in 2022!! Of course, this seemed like the perfect time to book a trip? It’s new, not a lot of people have been on it and well it has ALL kinds of new things that the other Disney ships don’t have 🤣

Something new at the helm will be Captain Minnie!! You will also be able to find beautiful artwork of Minnie Mouse throughout the ship. So if you are on board make sure to look at all the new works of art! I’m most looking for the filigree that decorates the ship.


Disney has been known for their dining... And boy have they added some amazing new must-try venues on this ship!! The one thing that had me sold on Disney is how they do their dining for dinner. On most cruise ships you have your main dining room and your specialty dining and you have to pick and choose BUT with Disney, they have what’s called “rotational dining” each night you and your wait staff are in a different dining room!! How cool is that? Of course, if you were to book a specialty dining experience during dinner you would give up one of your dinner rotations.. so make sure to check your rotation schedule when making reservations or tell your TA (me 🤣) ahead of time your preferences!!

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Experience

Everyone loves Frozen right!? Well, now you can experience this amazing dinner show during your rotation!

Worlds of Marvel

Wow dining with superheroes!! Yes please, I can’t wait to see who shows up to dinner!


A restaurant where Disney imagination meets Hollywood elegance


Featuring a gourmet menu by three-Michelin-starred Chef ArnaudLallement. This spot is based on none other than the elegant Lumière (this is NOT part of rotational dining and is an upcharge)


Enjoy authentic Italian at Palo Steakhouse.. inspired by Cogsworth

As more restaurants become announced I will share them in an update post 💜