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Why pick just 1 Hawaiian Island?

The Hawaiian islands are on everyone’s travel bucket list and most will only get to visit once in their lifetime. So many will start the planning process and make a pros and cons list and a “must-see” list for each island.. and trust me there is something that everyone wants to see on each island (I promise)

You can visit every island while you are here on vacation but you will need to island-hop.. which is take a plane from one island to the next and of course, you will need to have hotel accommodations for each island and rent a car or hire private transportation (which I am more than happy to plan for you!) and the big thing TIME & money!

But what if I told you there was a way that you could visit multiple islands and only have to fly into 1 Hawaii airport and your food and accommodations were included!

Yup, you read that right!! You can visit multiple islands have your food and accommodations all included (wow)!! How is this you might ask?? By taking the Norwegian Pride of America cruise that is based in Honolulu and cruises around the Hawaiian islands. With stops on the Big Island (Hawaii), Maui, and Kauai... This amazing cruise lasts 7 days!

I'm sure you're asking what's included in this cruise? When you book a cruise your stateroom and food (except for specialty dining) are included as well as entertainment. You can eat at many different venues on the ship at no extra charge!! I will be doing a whole blog post on what's included and NOT included on a cruise. Now depending on when you book you can get some free perks like FREE specialty dining, FREE drink package, and shore excursion credit (contact me to find out the latest specials)

This in my opinion is the best way to see the Hawaiian Islands! You wake up every morning and you're in a new place and the best part you only unpacked once!! If this sounds like a vacation for you please send me a message and we can plan a cruise just for you!!

Windy D



Hawaii & Cruise Specialist

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